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If you ever wanted to become part of one of the most exclusive and money saving clubs in Central Michigan, or replace your old card, now you have that chance. Brand new CFX Everything Cards with Bennigan's, Ponderosa, Big Apple Bagels, The Italian Oven and Pixie!!

Listen to Today's Best Music, or stop by the CFX Studios to find out how to get your CFX Everything Card. 

The cards will fit on your key chain for easy access, and are a perfect way to show that you listen to 95-3 CFX. 

New & Old CFX Everything Cards are eligible to win prizes

*Prizes subject to availability & may change without notice*

*Keep listening for added ways to use a CFX Everything Card to win & get great deals*

Monday: Random Winners - We randomly call numbers all day long and if you see your CFX Everything Card Number posted here, YOU WIN! - Bring your card to the CFX studio within 7 days to claim $10 from the Pixie, Italian Oven, Bennigan's, Ponderosa or Big Apple Bagle in Mt Pleasant.


MONDAYS: 4pm-close, free Bennigan's Pub Chips & Dip with a CFX Everything Card!  

03/30/15 WINNERS

Robin Dennis - 33035

Angela Lynch - 34221

Lisa Rolston - 33470

Courtney Fahlgren - 33145

Joel Laverty - 42100

Tammy Holt - 32273

Tuesday: Everything Card Text To Win - All day until 2:00pm text your name and CFX Everything Card number to the CFX Text Phone (989) 289-8320. Shortly after 2:00pm, CFX's Angie Evans will announce a random winner for the Text To Win prize!!

03/24/15 - Noelle Konkel, card # 18763 won a $50 gift certificate to Witbeck's in Clare using her CFX-Bennigan's Everything Card! 

Wednesday: Everything Card Bingo - It's time to play CFX Everything Card BINGO!  Be the first one to call in who matches all four numbers to win a prize.  If no one matches all 4 numbers, then one number is eliminated until someone matches the remaining numbers.  Listen to the CFX Breakfast Flakes, Clint James and Angie Evans for your chance to match and win at CFX Everything Card BINGO!


Thursday: Post Your Everything Card Number on Facebook - Listen to The CFX Breakfast Flakes, Clint James and Angie Evans to tell you to post your CFX Everything Card Number on the WCFX-FM Facebook page, then they will randomly pick one number to WIN!

Friday: Free Food Friday -

03/27/15 -  Carol House won a $40 gift certificate to The Malt Shop in Mt. Pleasant on Free Food Friday using her Bennigan's-CFX Everything Card!

*Any CFX Everything Card is eligible to get the deal*


 CLICK HERE TO ENTER - Friday's Only!