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Mid-Michigan's Most Trusted Physical Rehab - Central Michigan Rehabilitation, LLC

1500 W. High Street

Mt. Pleasant, MI. 48858

Phone: 989-772-0258

Fax: 989-953-4603





Why Central Michigan Rehab is the expert:

Manish Bondale, owner of Central Michigan Rehab, is a Certified Manual Therapist which means he has undergone extensive training. This allows him to be hands on with each client.   He can also do wheelchair and cane fittings, and job site analysis. Ann Lloyd is certified in Manual Lymph Drain and she can measure and custom fit compression garments. Patients will see the same therapist throughout treatment.  This allows for continuation of care whether it be for speech, physical, massage or yoga.

If you need braces for wrists, ankles, or knees, Central Michigan Rehab can provide those. We are a small facility which means that the staff is pretty close and we also become close with our patients.  We like to laugh and joke, but at the end of the day our clients are our top priority.

Because your schedule can be busy, Central Michigan Rehab works around it for your convenience.  We are open from 7am to7pm Monday through Thursday and half days on Fridays.  We will even work through our lunch hour to make sure that we care for our clients.

Central Michigan Rehab is in network with most insurance companies.  For each client, as a courtesy, we will call and verify physical therapy coverage.  If there is any out of pocket expense we will send out a monthly statement. For clients that have a high deductible or do not have healthcare benefits we offer affordable payment plans. 

Frequently Answered Questions

1.       What services does CMR offer?

     We offer outpatient physical therapy, manual Lymphedema therapy, and massage.


2.     What is manual therapy? 

    Within the physical therapy profession, manual therapy is defined as a clinical approach utilizing skilled, specific hands-on techniques, such as manipulation/mobilization of the joint or soft tissues within the body to reduce pain, inflammation and increase range of motion and to improve overall function.  Central Michigan Rehab is a manual based facility which means our physical therapists are very much hands on with all of our clients.


3.      How much does physical therapy cost? 

    With physical therapy all deductibles and co-insurances must be met before your insurance covers therapy at 100%. During your first visit we will verify our coverage for you as a courtesy. We do offer physical therapy packages to anyone with little or no insurance coverage.


4.      Is massage covered? 

     Yes, Blue Cross and Blue Shield covers massage as long as massage is combined with physical therapy.  Many other insurance carriers cover massage therapy.  Please call our office and we can check your health insurance benefits.


5.     What should I expect during my first visit of physical therapy?

     During your first visit, you will be evaluated by one of our therapist.  The therapist will ask you questions,  take measurements, and perform muscle testing.  The therapist will also do manual therapy and you will  also begin to do exercises on your first day.  Upon leaving you will also schedule your visits for further    therapy.


6.      What are some common misconceptions regarding physical therapy? 

    a.       No pain, no gain

   b.       Physical therapy is painful

   c.       All you do is exercise and I can do that at home



Tip of the Month…

Central Michigan Rehab offers the perfect summer shoe! Orthaheel shoes help with over-pronation. Over-pronation is when your foot/ankle roll inward. Over-pronation can cause knee, hip, and low back pain. One of the fist things that a physical therapist will look at is the type/style of shoes that a person wear.  Often time a simple change in shoes can help with a painful issues of the foot, knee and back. Orthaheel shoes are available at CMR.