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Best concert you’ve ever been to:

- I don’t know that I can just one as I LOVE ALL concerts!! My first concert ever was Michael Jackson “Bad tour” followed by New Kids on the Block! The first concert I ever went to with friends without my parents was in 9th grade to see Red Hot Chilli Peppers. One of my favorites has also been Neil Diamond! I love all types of music and particularly love outdoor shows!

Favorite song CFX plays: 

- Christmas Shoes. I know… I know… it’s the saddest song ever made...sappy and is all about the Christmas Spirit. I only wish we played it all year! Hehe (This would never fly around here) ;)

Best part of being on the radio:

- Being able to talk to people on air to talk about things that they are passionate about or an event they are putting on. I love how involved CFX is in the community and I love connecting that community.

Best Childhood Memory:

- I have so many!  My favorite is probably our family vacations. My parents along with my two sisters and brother would pile into a van and drive 24 hours straight to go to my Grandparents place in Florida. This is before IPADS and movies in the car. Just the family and a fun week ahead. Love those times and memories!

If you were stranded on a desert island and could bring one celebrity, who would it be and why?

- I would have to bring someone entertaining. I am a big fan of Amy Schumer right now and think she would have me constantly laughing. Maybe Oprah would be better so I could have some spiritually enlightening moments on the island. Then again… Ryan Gosling would be easy on the eyes. Can I take 3 people??

In my spare time I like to ...

- Hang with my family. I am a big family girl!! You can find me most days hanging with my husband and 3 stepkids. We love riding bikes through our awesome park systems. I also like to take a weekends away and have a little girl time with my Mom! 

My favorite area place to eat:

- I LOVE our community and all the gems in it. Mountain Town is my local “go to”. My favorite salad is at Crankers. Cant find a better Greek Salad in town! My husband and I also love to take a paper and go relax while having breakfast at The Diner on Old Mission.

One home improvement I’ve been procrastinating on:

- I think my main project that I have been gardening. Every year I swear I am going to get a REAL garden going. Then life happens and pretty soon summer is over. Maybe this is my year! J

If I weren’t in radio I would be:

- I TRULY cant imagine doing anything else. I love getting up for work everyday and Playing Todays Best Music.



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