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Do you want to make a positive difference in your budget? You can get paid for listening to Today's Best Music at work! Guess the right "PIN" and win cash from our CFX Members First Credit Union ATM!


Listen to play "CFX Members First Credit Union PIN TO WIN" at 8:08am, Monday through Friday. After PIN TO WIN is played at 8:08am, the CFX Breakfast Flakes will announce what times  CFX MFCU PIN TO WIN will be played for the rest of the day!   Be the right caller and guess the three digit pin. If you guess correctly, you win! Keep track of the numbers as people guess to make it easier to win. Get all three numbers correct & win the cash from the CFX Members First Credit Union ATM!  

Members First Credit Union, making a positive difference in Central Michigan, and your bank account!  Visit them at any of their locations in Mt. Pleasant, Harrison, Gladwin, Midland and Clare.


Find out more at:   


These Past Winners guessed the correct pin code & withdrew CASH out of the CFX-MFCU ATM!!   

10/22/14: Katrina Cotton - $109

10/29/14: Kris Hillier - $273

11/07/14: Liz Bennett - $139

11/24/14: Cindy Seely - $283


-The CFX Fun and Games Department